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Individual Counseling

From depression and anxiety to trauma, abuse, addiction or anything in between, we will first accurately diagnose you through proper testing and then walk together through a custom treatment plan that goes beyond another counseling session.

Depression Treatment in Fort Smith, AR

While everyone occasionally feels sad or “blue,” these feelings tend to pass rather quickly.

By contrast, someone with depression experiences extreme sadness or despair that lasts for at least two weeks or longer. Depressed individuals tend to feel helpless and hopeless and blame themselves for having these feelings. Depression interferes with activities of daily living—such as working or concentrating on tasks, or even eating and sleeping. Other possible symptoms of depression include chronic pain, headaches or stomach aches. Some people may feel angry or restless for long periods.

People who are depressed may become overwhelmed and exhausted and stop participating in certain everyday activities altogether. They may withdraw from family and friends. Some depressed individuals may have thoughts of death or suicide. *

The good news is that depression is one of the most treatable mental health conditions known. Crucial to curing depression is first, proper diagnosis, and second, using scientifically supported (evidence-based) treatments. Psychologist, Bill Thornton, is a highly skilled expert with specialized training that can effectively treat depression.

Anxiety Treatment in Fort Smith, AR

Anxiety often has no visible cause, which especially makes it hard for loved ones to understand. Anxiety disorder can take a variety of forms, from panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder, to post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobias. 

Common anxiety symptoms include:
• Extreme Fear
• Shortness of Breath
• Racing Heartbeat
• Insomnia
• Nausea
• Trembling
• Dizziness

If left untreated, anxiety disorders can have severe consequences. For example, some people who suffer from recurring panic attacks avoid any situation that they fear may trigger an attack. Such avoidance behavior may create problems by conflicting with job requirements, family obligations or other basic activities of daily living. At Answers for Youth & Families, PLLC, we strive to use only the most contemporary, evidence-based interventions to assist you and provide a fast and thorough recovery from your anxiety problems.

Trauma Counseling  in Fort Smith, AR

When PTSD strikes, it can alter a person’s life in many significant ways such that finding peace, happiness, and meaning becomes difficult until the PTSD has been properly treated. Such PTSD symptoms often result from rape (and other forms of sexual abuse), physical abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, combat exposure, and so many other sources of trauma. When PTSD strikes, those affected find it difficult to relax due to continual arousal (e.g. being on guard, keyed up, etc.); get rid of greatly distressing/intrusive thoughts such as nightmares/flashbacks, etc.; and tend to avoid many things they used to find pleasurable such as gathering in a group of people, being around strangers, watching certain television shows, etc.

PTSD can be remediated in a rather short period of time and you can get back to life with meaning, joy, and tranquility with the help of a specially trained resource like Answers for Youth & Families, PLLC. Unfortunately, many try to treat PTSD with non-specialized talk therapy. The proper treatment can resolve PTSD in weeks; the wrong treatment can often worsen the condition. At Answers for Youth & Families, PLLC we use only the most effective, evidence-based treatments to treat PTSD.

Call Us Today!

Answers for Youth & Families serves Western Arkansas and the greater Fort Smith region, from Greenwood to Van Buren, Sallisaw to Clarksville. If you think you may be experiencing personal issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, addiction, trauma, abuse or other serious issues, we encourage you to make an appointment. You are not alone, and licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Bill Thornton, can help you get through this difficult time. He is easy to talk to with broad life experiences and connects with clients effortlessly, making you feel welcome, supported, valued, respected and safe. Privacy and confidentiality is held in the highest regard. 

Call us today at 479-452-7792 to learn more about our counseling and therapy services.

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