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Dr. Bill helps couple with ADD & communication issues with their son

"My husband and I sought counseling from Dr. Bill Thornton for our son. His grades started falling at school, and he was losing friends.  He would not talk to us.  Our son was moody, irritable and difficult to live with.  As parents, we were losing patience with our son and ourselves. Dr. Thornton was very knowledgeable about the various struggles families face.  He had experience in helping families like us and seeing good results.  It was a relief to talk with someone who understood why we were in his office and how desperate we were for answers. I learned a lot about my son and myself through our counseling with Dr. Thornton.  Communication and trust cannot be taken for granted.  I can definitely recommend Dr. Thornton’s services for anyone or any family struggling with similar issues."


Family counseling with Dr. Bill truly made a difference

"During a difficult time in our lives, my family found ourselves in Dr. Thornton’s office for counseling. From the moment we met him, we were treated with warmth, respect and truth. Dr. Thornton is very kind, patient and attentive to the needs of his clients. You really do feel emotionally changed when you leave his office.  For anyone who needs family counseling, I would recommend Dr. Thornton. I have met with others, but he is the one who truly made a difference."


Trust Dr. Thornton when dealing with divorce

"Dealing with divorce or any other personal matters? Then look no further. Dr. Thornton is who you want to talk to.

He's very professional and most of all makes you feel very comfortable. He allows you to progress at your own pace and doesn't push you to talk about things you’re not ready to talk about. So for those reasons and many more I highly recommend Dr. Thornton for all your counseling needs."


Teens turn to Dr. Thornton for positive progress

"Dr. Thornton has become the only therapist in this area that I will refer to for individual and family therapy.  We have used him within our own family and I have also referred many adolescents (via their parents) to him for help with a variety of issues.  The parents of these teens have been amazed at the progress of their children and are incredibly impressed with his counseling skills and level of expertise.  Dr. Thornton is the consummate professional with confidentiality being the core of his practice and his uncanny ability to develop rapport with people of all ages.  I highly recommend him and am confident you will be 100% satisfied with the care you receive."

D. C.

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