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Counseling for Children & Teens

Dr. Bill Thornton offers counseling services for children ages 8-17 and their parents. Integrating comprehensive psychological testing (when appropriate) with superior assessment insight and scientific psychological principles, he provides an accurate diagnosis so the appropriate, individualized treatment can be developed. His treatment plans address a variety of issues, including reaction to stressors such as divorce, traumas, grief, problems with family, romantic distress, anxiety and depression, disruptive behavior, peer difficulties, bullying, aggression, school problems, transition to adult life and ADHD. 


Couples Counseling

Sharing life with that special someone who you once thought of as the “answer to all my dreams” can take many  turns over time. With divorce rates catastrophically high, many might wonder if a long-term, committed relationship is possible. At Answers for Youth & Families, we can assure you, such a relationship is not only possible, but also very likely with the right assistance. Relationships take work and most marital problems are repairable if  addressed before the relationship is damaged to the point of no return.

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Sibling Love

Family Counseling

Family Therapy helps families struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, disciplining children, divorce or re-marriage, and more. Dr. Bill Thornton will evaluate negative patterns in your family and provide guidance on developing new behaviors that lead to better communication by supporting and emotionally connecting with all family members, both children and adults.

There is no “one size fits all” solution to helping families heal, and that is why Dr. Bill's unique tools as a psychologist offers a number of methods to customize effective plans for family therapy sessions.

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Everyone experiences sadness from time to time. But depression lasts longer, interferes with daily life and can cause physical pain. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable. Crucial to curing depression is first, proper diagnosis, and second, using scientifically supported (evidence-based) treatments. Psychologist, Bill Thornton, is a highly skilled expert with specialized training that can effectively treat depression.

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Everyone feels anxious from time to time, but a person who has an anxiety disorder will have worry and fear that is constant, overwhelming and possibly debilitating. Often, severe anxiety is not always taken seriously by those who do not understand it. Left untreated, it can have major negative effects on your life and on those around you. One of the biggest obstacles to coping and healing can be dealing with people who don’t understand anxiety and its implications. Fortunately, the majority of people with an anxiety disorder improve significantly by getting specialized, effective psychological treatment.

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Individuals overcome by feelings of grief due to a significant loss in life may experience sadness, anxiety, anger, loneliness, guilt, relief, isolation, confusion, or numbness. Behavioral changes may also be noticed, such as disorganization, exhaustion, having trouble concentrating, changes in sleep patterns, appetite changes, vivid dreams, or daydreaming about the deceased. Through grief counseling, Dr. Bill Thornton can help you work through the feelings, thoughts, and memories associated with the loss of a loved one. He will assist you in recognizing the normal aspects of the grieving process, cope with the pain associated with the loss, and develop strategies for seeking support and self-care.


Addiction Treatment

Anyone can fall prey to addiction. It has no boundaries and it does not discriminate. Age, gender, race, economic status, sexual orientation, family background--it matters not. Addiction can ruin lives regardless of who the individual is.

Addictions range from everyday drugs like alcohol and cocaine to behaviors like gambling, stealing and pornography. . Dr. Bill Thornton's psychological approaches to addiction recovery aim to increase a person's motivation for change. People in recovery must make some very difficult changes in the way they think, feel, and behave. In this way, they can make wiser, healthier choices. Psychological approaches are ideal for helping people to make these needed changes.



Physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse can leave psychological wounds that can be harder to heal than bodily injuries. Abuse survivors may have strong, negative feelings about themselves, others, or the world around them even decades after the abuse has ended. Individuals who experience abuse often suffer from anxiety, flashbacks, and trust issues, making it harder for them to form relationships or find happiness. Dr. Thornton can help abuse survivors overcome those challenges they face, find a new sense of value and pride in themselves, and resolve symptoms that have troubled them since being victimized. Therapy can also help the abusers stop harmful behaviors, though the individual must truly wish to change.



Most day-to-day traumas simply get better on their own over a period of time; often days or weeks. But at times, people can experience traumas that far surpass the individual’s ability to resolve the impact on their own. Such occasions often result in diagnoses of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

 Unfortunately, many try to treat PTSD with non-specialized talk therapy. The proper treatment can resolve PTSD in weeks; the wrong treatment can often worsen the condition. Dr. Bill Thornton uses only the most effective, evidence-based treatments to combat PTSD and is proud to have assisted many individuals on a journey of recovery.

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